Grey Matters



We provide a confidential counselling service, the contents of the sessions are confidential to you  and your therapist although your sessions may be discussed with your therapists supervisor.  This standard of practice helps us to work as well as we can with you. In this process your identity is not revealed. Our supervisors are all members of Professional Governing Bodies such as: BACP or BABCP.

In exceptional circumstances, confidentiality will be broken if there is concern for your well being, or that of others, it may be necessary to seek help outside the Counselling relationship as it would be deemed as unethical for a therapist not to act upon information provided.

If you threaten harm to yourself or to another person.

If it is believed a child or a protected adult is at risk of harm or abuse.

If the courts instruct information to be given.

If you share information about a proposed act of terrorism or other illegal act.

If one of these situations arises and confidentiality has to be broken your therapist will discuss this with you initially before disclosing information to anyone. However we retain the right to break confidentiality without prior consultation with you, should it be seen as a matter of urgency the situation requires immediate action to safeguard the physical safety of yourself, others, or there are good grounds for believing you are no longer able to take responsibility for your actions.

As members of BACP or BABCP or equivalent, it is a requirement to have supervision once a month and to undertake ongoing training and self-development which is to protect and ensure your well being. We take this commitment seriously and commit to adding to our training hours each year. 

At any given moment you have the power to say: "This is not how the story is going to end."