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Childhood Sexual Abuse (C.S.A) is often significant trauma that may have a lifelong impact on survivors.

Available data suggests that about 1 in 5 children in Europe are victims of some form of sexual violence.

It is estimated that in 8 out of 10 cases, the abuser is somebody the child knows and trusts.

Three-quarters of sexually abused children did not tell anyone about the abuse at the time. Around a third still have not told anyone about their experiences by early adulthood. 

We understand everybody has individual needs regardless of their gender. Although many male and female responses to C.S.A are similar there are some differences, for example: Women often blame themselves for the abuse where as men are likely to blame themselves for not being "man enough" to stop it. Women are more likely to suppress anger and aggressive impulses, whereas men may experience anger as their emotional outlet.  

Recently we have had high profile cases speaking publicly of the sexual abuse they suffered as children. Maybe this will persuade other survivors to disclose and get the help and validation they deserve. Survivors already know a great deal of abuse has been concealed, covered up and many organisations have been complicit in concealing the sexual abuse of children.  It is crucial that survivors voices are heard so we can better understand sexual abuse and use this knowledge and understanding to protect children. 

We work with: Men, Women, Children and family members who have suffered the atrocity of C.S.A.

We do not work with anyone who have previous convictions of sexual offences and/or are currently the focus of an ongoing police investigation or criminal justice proceedings.

However, although we do not work within this area, there are specialist organisations available:

The Lucy Faithful Foundation

Telephone: 0808 1000 900


Circles UK

Telephone: 0118 950 0068



Telephone:07533 675 351